Easter 2020 – Witches & Wizards


Into the woods…there’s a hut with chicken legs. It’s the home of the Russian witch Baba Yaga! Take a left and the castle of evil queen Grimhilde will be in sight. You may know her as the old witch who hands a poisoned apple to Snow White.  Now prick your ears and you will hear the cackle of Elfaba, aka the Wicked Witch of the West! Or maybe it’s the slithering sound of snakes and Voldemort’s incantations in his quest to defeat Harry Potter? Continue reading “Easter 2020 – Witches & Wizards”

Christmas 2019 – Rockin’ around the Xmas tree


Ho ho ho! Guess who’s back in town?

Another splendid week of festive music is upon us with the usual carols and Jazz tunes plus some more extracts from the “Nutcracker” and at long last, the celebration of one of the most prolific composers in history! It starting to look like Christmas!

Christmas Oratorio

So it will have taken us 7 years to eventually feature one of the most famous composers, Johann Sebastian Bach! Thankfully, the occasion is more than appropriate as JS’s Oratorio is a wonderful piece of music and will complement perfectly the rest of our selection. However, for timekeeping issues, we will only practice one movement out of the possible 65, the stunning item #10, the “Sinfonia”, wonderfully executed below by the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. Not bad for a piece that is nearly 300 years old!

The Nutcracker

Some would agree that you can’t have Christmas music without the “Nutcracker”, such Tchaikovsky’s bestseller is now strongly associated with festive music. This week, we will revisit the “Flower Waltz” as well as two new pieces for the Academy: the “Dance of the reed pipes” and the “March”.

Let is snow / Winter Wonderland

Two fantastic Jazzy tunes in one medley! Believe it or not, those songs were respectively composed in 1945 and 1934! Good music doesn’t get old! Below are international vocal group Accent with the ruthless Gordon Goodwin big band and Snoop dog delivering their own takes on those two classic tunes.




Summer 2019 – French Touch

french touch small 2

Aux armes, musiciens, le jour de gloire est arrivé!

Well, it’s only been 230 years since the French revolution and apart from “La Marseillaise”, our programme this Summer, Mesdames et Messieurs, will examine works by foreign composers who came to Paris for inspiration and add some “Je ne sais quoi” – that’s english for “French touch”, to some of their most famous works!

Let’s have a closer look, in chronological order…

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Christmas 2018 – Glory to the newborn King

xmas 2018 eAd v2

Ho Ho Ho! Tis the season to be jolly again!

Join us in a flurry of famous pieces for our Christmas edition!

Our young musicians will play a collection of classic Carols, some well-known Jazz holiday tunes, the Corelli Christmas Concerto and excerpts from the Nutcraker. Check our videos below to get yourself familiar with the music.

PS: can you spot the 5 added characters to the poster? Continue reading “Christmas 2018 – Glory to the newborn King”

Summer 2018 – Battle of the Composers

RMA July 18 eAd

1868 – The maestro of Overtures, Gioachino Rossini dies near Paris and Scott Joplin, king of ragtime is born in Texas. Some 50 years later in 1918, Impressionist composer Claude Debussy dies in Paris whilst Leonard Bernstein, acclaimed composer, pianist and conductor is born in Massachussetts.

To celebrate the anniversaries of these 4 great composers, we welcome you to our Heavyweight Showdown. Come and elect your champion! Continue reading “Summer 2018 – Battle of the Composers”

Easter 2018 – A Space Edition

KMA Easter 2018

50 years ago, a computer went rogue aboard a space station whilst apes were fighting next to a tall black monolith…
A decade later, a rookie pilot and a scoundrel were searching the galaxy in search of a young princess, flanked by two droids and a wookie!

This Easter, fasten your hyperspace seat belts as we will revisit the music of two iconic sci-fi movies: Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The latter famously used two pieces by Strauss and Strauss (not related to one another!) and became the first video clip for both tunes! Continue reading “Easter 2018 – A Space Edition”