Gallery & Testimonials

“What a great concert! We thoroughly enjoyed it and many thanks to you and your team for your hard work and inspiration. It is truly amazing how you manage to mould such a disparate group of young musicians into a cohesive band making a lovely sound all in less than a week.”

20190802_132351We endeavour to provide a great week for all our young musicians, making sure they all have fun and have some engaging music to play as well as exploring other instruments and styles on their road to vaster knowledge. Please send us your feedback by email or leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Thank you.



Thanks very much for such an impressive performance yesterday. I think they all did so well. What I really liked was your very enthusiastic and upbeat approach – you conveyed your enjoyment of music in such an infectious and genuine way that it has made me take up piano lessons again.  I had such a clear sense of the pleasure and purpose to be gained from making music; definitely one of life’s joys. “


My husband and I really enjoyed the performance yesterday. It was great to see the children tackle quite difficult pieces of music. Everyone seemed fully focused and our children certainly went away with a huge sense of achievement. “

A good course, we always do jazz as well as classical. There are friendly people and great refreshments after the concert!”

“Dear James, I just again wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing week. The girls had a great time and definitely want to continue coming to camps. I was completely blown away that you managed to get that out of an 8 and 10 year old child. Absolutely wonderful and we are very grateful.


“Dear James. It has been a while since my boys attended your music camp (Alexander and Philip, viola and cello). I hope you and your family are well.

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you, because I’ve realised that those holiday camps made a lasting impression, and have made more music accessible to the boys.

I handed out a couple of Christmas music books to them recently, and they have been happily exploring and playing. I realised that many of the songs are familiar to them from your Christmas camp, and they are giving us all great joy.

So many thanks from us, and a merry Christmas to you!”