Please find below several answers to our most regular FAQs. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Who can be on the course?

We welcome all students aged 8-18 with at least grade 1 level on their instrument. Please contact us for availability on keyboard and drums.

Sadly, the course is not designed for recorder, guitar or harp. However, please get in touch as we have made exceptions in the past on an ad-hoc basis.

Are the parts level-specific?

Yes. Depending on the level and abilities of our young musicians, we tailor-make the parts to keep the music accessible yet challenging!

How does the day go?

We start at 9am with a quick warm-up and general discussion about the music and how to play it. Then we play until our mid-morning break and resume until lunch. We also have a mid-afternoon break. Pick up is at 4pm.

Can my child only do 3 days?

Although it’s preferable to be around all week and prepare for our Friday concert, we’re happy to work around your diary if your child can only participate for a few days.

Is there an early bird discount?

Yes! Register early and save £50! This allows us to book our teachers early and prepare the arrangements and parts in advance.

What if the music is too hard?

Just let us know and we’ll make some changes. We also have small section rehearsals on the 2nd and 3rd days in order to master particular tricky passages of music.

My child is worried he/she won’t know anyone

Nothing to worry about. The students form friendships very quickly within the group and we always encourage them to play together and not alienate anyone. Of course, it’s even better to invite a few of your friends to join you on the course!

What’s your device policy?

Devices are not permitted during the day and will be collected in the morning and given back at pick-up time.