Summer 2022 – Best of TV!

Yabba Dabba Do! We’re going TV Jingles crazy this Summer with a massive selection of famous TV themes.

From Sitcoms, Cartoons, TV series and even reality shows, we have a packed full pile of music to zap through! Let’s take a sneal peak at some of them…

Mr Benn

Celebrating the work of the late David McKee and his loveable character, we will play Duncan Lamont’s famous theme and bring back the magic.

Below is an amazing version played by the composer’s big band:

The Apprentice

Thankfully no-one will be fired but we’ll have a go at marketing Prokofiev’s “Dance of the Knights”

The Muppet Show

Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, the Swedish chef, Fozzie bear, animal and the two old guys in the balcony…so many great characters and funny sketches for the last 45 years and an amazing theme tune!

Any resemblance with a Zoom meeting is purely coincidental!

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