Easter 2014 – Sound of Music special

 KMA easter 2014 eAd
Hi everybody and welcome back.
Time to play a bit of music before going on the Easter egg hunt!Whilst heavily dominated by orchestral and vocal rendition of hits from the Sound of Music, we have other pieces lined up for this week:


My Favourite Things

It is from “Sound of Music” but we’ll tackle Legendary Jazz saxophone player John Coltrane’s version. Not sure we’ll match his epic 45 minutes long offering though…

William Tell Overture

More than a mobile phone ringtone, the famous piece by Rossini is a great opener – beware brass section, this is your moment to play loudly!

Abdelazer Rondeau

From a play written in 1676 the famous Rondeau by Henry Purcell is one of the most famous Baroque piece, also brought to a newer audience by Benjamin Britten as the foundation for his work “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” (my favourite bit is when the percussion section plays their version of it around the 15th min- hilarious!)

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