Summer 2013 – Peer Gynt special

Welcome back! Our main act this summer will be the “Peer Gynt” Suite #1 by Edvard Grieg composed for the play of the same name premiered in 1876. The Suite is made of 4 contrasting pieces:


From the fourth act of the play, “Morning” works very well as an opening sequence as the orchestra seems to gently awake.

Anitra’s Dance

The fun-packed number of the set. Peer ends up in Morroco where the chief Bedouin’s daughter steals his belongings…

The Death of Ase

Peer’s mother lament scene, played by the strings section of the orchstra

In the Hall of the Mountain King

Although it appear quite early on in the play, this famous tune is a likely finale to any concert. The leitmotiv was used in Fritz Lang’s 1931 movie “M”, whistled by the murderer each time he was about to strike!
My son preferred this clip to the standard orchestral ones – wonder why…
Short clip from “M”

Boccherini’s Minuet

The strings section of our orchestra will have a special feature in this very famous and exquisite piece by Italian cellist Luigi Boccherini
On the Jazz front, two numbers lined-up:

Black Coffee

A Bluesy ballad, here performed by Julie London

Una Mas

Written by trumpeter Kenny Dorham in the mid-60’s when Cuban Jazz was at it’s peak, here’s my favourite version by Roy Hargrove’s band – it’s doesn’t get hipper than that!

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