Easter 2019 – For Your Eyes Only


Join us this Easter for a dazzling showcase of some Spies TV & movies theme tunes.

From James Bond to the Pink Panther, Mission Impossible to Johnny English, we will play a large variety of Classical pieces, theme tunes and Jazz tunes featured in 70 years of TV and Cinema of your favourite secret agents. 

The Pink Panther Theme

Arguably the most famous theme after James Bond. Since it first appeared on the big screen in 1963, it has remained a chart topper for all ages. Here’s Henry Mancini, the composer himself and the Terry Gibbs bands in action..

And for those who wondered if the flute ever was a Jazz instrument, here’s the amazing James Moody showing off his skills…

In the Hall of the Mountain King

In 1931, just before emigrating to America, German director Fritz Lang delivered a shivering murder movie called “M” where the villain whistles Grieg’s famous melody before committing his crimes. In order to not scare our young viewers, we’ll stick to Johnny English’s more appropriate use of the work for his cooking routine…

The Marriage of Figaro

At long last, we get to have some Mozart in our programme! “MI:5 Rogue Nation” showed Benji playing video games whilst at work…

Even more obscure is the park band playing the same overture at the end of this clip from a  1965 Michael Caine movie called the “Icpress file”…

Beyond the Sea

Although it has been made famous by Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra and Miachel Bublé, this tune started as a French song by le “fou chantant” Charles Trenet. Used recently in “Goodfellas” and in “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”, this Big band classic will be a perfect vehicle for improvisation…

Soul Bossa Nova

Released in 1962 by legendary trumpeter, arranger and producer Quincy Jones, the cheeky cheesy take on the Bossa Nova genre came back to life with the Austin Powers movies. Here’s this crazy guy igniting London with his moves…

Mystery Medley

James Bond, Peter Gunn, Get Carter and more…we’ll have a mashup of many spy themes in one big medley . Let’s just have the late Chris Cornell setting the mood for us…

Mission Impossible

Composed in 1967 by Lalo Shifrin for the TV series and later featured in all movies with Tom Cruise, the theme tune is another classic to have mesmerized audiences for over half a century. Can you work out the time signature from this version by U2 members?

FYEO Medley

Lastly, we’ll renew with our fun mashups of pop songs, this time themed with spy tunes.

So far on the list, some obscure RnB tracks mixed with James Bond and Daryl&Oates….we’ll keep the rest…secret!

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