Christmas 2015

Ho Ho Ho…with a sleigh full of great festive music, we had to put a band together and prepare for a concert! Here are the contents of our first ever Christmas edition:

Carol of the Children

English composer John Rutter has written many exquisite works for choirs and a great deal of carols too, This solemn piece is absolutely gorgeous.

Flower Waltz (from The Nutcracker)

Impossible to have Christmas music without featuring Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet. Our version will start at about 1:30 into this clip – no harp required this time!

Zingle bells

Yes it’s “Jingle bells” but not as you know it! This is the music featured at the end credits of a Christmas bonus episode of the penguins from Madagascar. The style is Klezmer (traditional Jewish music at a fast pace) and the most adventurous of you will get to improvise on their instruments! Listen closely and you will notice that the melody is played in a minor key…

Extracts from The Messiah

Georg Frederik Handel, the most famous English composer of Italian music was born in Germany but made most of his career over here. We will play 2 songs from his 1741 oratorio:
“He shall feed his flock” – piano and voice version
…and the hilarious version of the many celebrated “Hallelujah Chorus” by a small Eskimo community in Alaska.

Let it snow / Winter wonderland

Two Jazzy carols for the price of one in this Big-band like arrangement by yours truly. No video yet…maybe we will upload one at the end of our week with you in it!

Carols Omnibus

A varied selection of Carols (some of them re-harmonised for the occasion):
Hark! the herald angels sing / O Christmas tree / Silent night / In the bleak midwinter plus a sang version of “Rudolph”

All I want for Christmas is you

The hit from Mariah Carey sung in the finale of the movie “Love actually”.

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